About hypothesis-ros

In April 2018 began the implementation of the low level library hypothesis-ros to lay a foundation to enable robustness testing of ROS1 C++ nodes/nodelets using a property based (instead of an example based) approach. This package provides ROS1 independent functionality to generate pseudo-random data for ROS1 message fields and ROS1 parameters. In the beginning hypothesis-ros contained Python dependent functionality only. The ROS1 dependent functionality was separated into the package rospbt (not existing anymore). Because the test code depends on ROS1 messages in some point in time anyway rospbt was merged into hypothesis-ros. All message package specific generators (geometry msgs, sensor msgs , etc.) have been migrated into hypothesis-ros as well. The easier package handling of separate packages (with hypothesis-ros having Python-only dependencies only) in the beginning has not outweighted increased maintenance effort due to separate packages and all implications going along with it.